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Brian Hawkins, a seasoned leader in real estate, exemplifies integrity, discipline, and honesty. His genuine passion for assisting others surpasses client expectations, fostering lasting friendships. Brian's commitment to client success is evident through his devoted work ethic, premier service, and extensive market knowledge.
Brian's partnership with Cyrus O’Bryant further exemplifies a strong collaborative spirit. Their synergy not only results in impressive sales figures but also fosters a supportive and dynamic team environment, ensuring clients receive the highest level of service and expertise. Together they have amassed over 410+ transactions and an impressive $222+ million in sales volume.
Known also for his seamless integration of technology into real estate practices, Brian's tech-savvy approach brings a cutting-edge perspective to the industry. His ability to leverage the latest tools and platforms enhances the client experience and streamlines the entire transaction process.
With deep roots in the Puget Sound region, Brian possesses a profound appreciation for the diverse lifestyle offerings in the area. Outside of the real estate hustle, he relishes spending ample time on the water, embracing the natural beauty that surrounds him. Brian is not only attuned to the local landscape but also actively engages in staying abreast of health trends while ardently supporting our local sports teams. His tech-savvy nature extends to his keen interest in studying and investing in cryptocurrency. A dedicated world traveler, Brian consistently seeks new cities to explore, cultivating a global perspective that enriches his understanding of the world.

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To help as many families in our local area realize their dreams of buying or selling a home while consistently going above and beyond what is expected. Their knowledge of the process and contracts, and skill in educating buyers and sellers, alleviates stress while his calm demeanor encourages a positive journey.

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